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Labor Day 2015...My adult years were spent working on a job. I suppose I learned that from my childhood of being raised on a dairy farm in Southeast Tarrant County. On that farm those cows had to be milked twice a day 365 days a year. There was no such thing as calling in sick or "just not feeling like getting up in the morning." What a lot of city folks don't know about a dairy farm is the milking the cows is not all there was to it. The barn had to be kept clean to pass inspection every month; the cows had to be fed every day. That meant plowing the fields to plant the crops. That also meant going to the feed store to buy the feed...100 pound sacks that had to be unloaded. Then, the different kinds of feed had to be mixed in the right proportion so the cows would get nourished so they would give milk. Actually, they didn't give it; we had to take it away from them with milking machines. I guess my body clock was set for getting up at 3:30 or 4:00 every morning. When I got a job in town, I still was an early riser and just automatically went to work every day.

I suppose what I'm getting at is the fact that a lot of people in our country just don't understand that production pays the bills. Goods and services have to be produced to have something to sell so the money will keep flowing through the economy. That is what employment is all about. Something that is free for one person has to be paid for by someone else. We have thousands upon thousands, perhaps millions, of people in our country today that are able to do some type of work to contribute to society and the economy but are not actively engaged because the effort is not there. They have grown accustomed to the "hand out" instead of the "help up."

While I am saying that, I also know that there are many, many who are not able to work. Many in our country are physically unable to work. We do have many who are totally dependent upon others through no fault of their own. God has always had a system or method of taking care of the truly needy in a society. The corners of the field is a perfect example of this. The Jubilee Year was also a means of liberty from bondage for His people. The truly needy do need our help, and we should be eager to meet their needs. That is the Christian way.

On this Labor Day of 2015 I want to thank and salute the multitude of people who get up every day and go to a job. Their taxes help support the ones who either don't or cannot contribute to the economy. I read in another blog this morning, Jim Denison, that the American worker still works far more hours per year than his or her counterpart in other nations. This day has been set aside so our hardworking people can have a day to sleep in, relax, spend time with the family, go hunting or fishing, whatever type of recreation turns them on.

Let me close this post today by pointing out that God works; He is working every minute for His purpose and our good. God honors work--commands work--six days shall thou labor. If you are working, you are in a ministry. You are doing good for your fellow man. Thank you and be blessed.